How to make NTBackup work
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About this site

This site was set up to help system administrators, users of ntbackup and users of the popular ntbackup scheduling program BackupAssist.

It's the only site with:

  • a comprehensive listing of Microsoft's knowledge base articles on ntbackup, sorted chronologically
  • a simple and effective search tool that will return results from Microsoft's knowledge base on ntbackup related articles

Other Windows Backup Related Websites: screenshot - articles and white papers on how to replace NTBackup on the latest Operating Systems (Windows Server 2008 & R2, Windows 7 and Windows Vista), focusing on tape drive backups, System State Backups and file-based backups. screenshot - articles dedicated to "wbadmin" - the command line interface for the Windows Block Level Backup, including how to backup files, volumes and applications, how to restore files, applications, volumes and system state, how it works, backing up Exchange, bare metal recoveries, restoring applications, and more.